NAME:  Conrad Pridy

BIRTHDAY:  July 17, 1988

HOMETOWN:  Whistler, BC

From the moment I first strapped skis onto my feet I have been obsessed with the sport. Whether it was straight-lining the Dave Murray Downhill, weaving through the other skiers on a crowded run, or digging myself out of a tree-well, I knew that I couldn’t possibly be having more fun doing anything else.

As soon as I was old enough my parents enrolled me in the Whistler Ski School.  Learning to ski in Whistler, there was never a shortage of terrain for me to explore and master, but as I got older and my skiing abilities became greater so too did my need to find new challenges.  I began looking at the mountain differently.  I no longer wanted to just get to the bottom–I wanted to get to the bottom as fast as I could.  Speed had taken skiing to another level for me, but anybody with an ounce of fearlessness can take their foot off the brakes.  There was still something missing.

Enter Ski Racing.  Finding that perfect balance between risk and control to negotiate the most difficult route down an already demanding run as efficiently as possible. It is the endless challenge to be the fastest and best skier on the mountain, and it’s what I do every day.

Racing Down Hills is my way of sharing the experiences and adventures of a life on the road doing what I love. Enjoy!



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