Back to Work


A Vacation Home

The Pre-Departure Runaround

It always seems like the minute I get home I’m leaving again.  Barely enough time to do a few loads of laundry, re-pack ski bags, catch up on sleep, and book a plane ticket.  Although there isn’t really time to settle in, there is an upside to only having a few days at home at a time.  There generally isn’t any time to get caught up overanalyzing poor results or to lose any momentum that has been gained.  It’s like a weekend to the work week; a short break to get a little extra juice in the batteries.

Anyways, after what had to have been the quickest 48 hours I’m on the road again. The races in Norway didn’t go that well, but the training after was amazing.  My goal for next time is to have the DH course dialed in by the third run instead of the fifth… as is with most things though, if you look close enough there is always a silver lining.  I made sure to pick mine up before leaving.

See you in Quebec!